Asahi Art Square is located on the fourth and fifth floors of Super DryHall, which sits on the banks of the Sumida River and Azumabashi and is crowned with the scuplture Flamme d’Or. This art space is the base of the arts patronage activities of Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Its operations are overseen by the The Asahi Art Square Operational Committee – comprised of experts from a variety of genres – while the Head Office is run by Arts NPO Link.

Operational committee:
  • Takuya Irie (SETENV),
  • Taneo Kato (Asahi Group Arts Foundation),
  • Takashi Shinkawa (art journalist),
  • Sasana Nemoto (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.),
  • Masashi Nomura (Komaba Agora Theater / Seinendan Theatre Company),
  • Takako Miyaura (Freelance arts producer)
  • Kako Yamaguchi (NPO alfalfa),
  • Kazuki Eto (Sumida City Office, Cultural Promotion Division)
  • Taro Sakata (Arts NPO Link)
  • Chie Okada (Arts NPO Link)
  • Sadayuki Higuchi (Arts NPO Link)
Technical staff:
  • Keiji Ohba (RYU Inc.)
  • Masayoshi Takada (RYU Inc.)
  • Emi Yamashita (RYU Inc.)
  • Asahi Art Square
  • Address: Super Dry Hall 4F, 1-23-1 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0001
  • Tel. 090-9118-5171
  • E-mail aas@arts-npo.org
  • Hours: 11:00-19:00 Closed:Tuesdays
  • 5 mins walk from 4 or 5 exit of Asakusa Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
  • 10 mins walk from A5 exit of Asakusa Station on Toei-Asakusa Line.
  • 6 mins walk from A3 exit of Honjo Azumabashi Station on Toei-Asakusa Line.
  • 6 mins walk from Asakusa Station on Tobu Line.

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